Crime and Punishment

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project
The key element on the stage is the black portal with a door (or a gate) that let the characters in and out. During the performance, the only location becomes a gloomy courtyard, a coffin-like room, and even a tube that drags the hero to Hell.  Two light lines represent the extension of the characters’ minds.
The space of the stage looks ascetic, it is made monochromic and minimalistic, and the textures of the backdrapes resemble grey stone embankment walls or maybe dark waters of the Neva.

Voronezh, Russia

Project implementation year

Lilia Khismatullina, stage and costume designer 

Authors of the project
Staging by Ekaterina Potapova and Evgeny Kochetkov
Directed by Evgeny Kochetkov
Stage and costume design by Lilia Khismatullina
Light designed by Alexander Ryazantsev

Project status