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The design of the project structure was started to avoid the repetition of similar examples, with an emphasis on reviewing the definition of the nature and structure of the cultural-educational space. The plan has tried to respond to the correct performance and use of the sustainable and indigenous architecture of the region to move forward with a contemporary view. There were two perspectives, one socially, the rising unemployment rate in Iran, and two in terms of sustainability, recycling, and reuse of goods that are still foreign to the country, and we were thrilled to design a center talented and underprivileged people organize and train to recycle and redesign different goods that are displayed and sold in the cultural-educational center, that is, people are accommodated and trained without material payment, and in this way earn money for the center and themselves (economic aspect). On the other hand, creating a culture of recycling takes more power and speed.

Isfahan, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Amir Tahmoures, Master of Architectural Engineering from Tehran University of Arts

Author of the project
Amir Tahmoures

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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