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About the project
Cross Laminated Timber — Culture, Life + Time». The proposal looks for a solution for the ever-increasing need for adequate urban housing in growing cities of India, particularly Delhi, which has led to the formation of a very unique kind of living culture wherein the settlements increase organically over time, ungoverned by the strict systems of confined areas and blurring boundaries between the private and the public shared spaces.
Our design approach is inspired by this close-knit community setting and translates it into the new CLT housing system by incorporating an essence of informality and belongingness through devising local community pockets of varying scales and uses. This is done by modulating the interior volumes, hence by-passing alienation of the new CLT system of construction and its aesthetic.

New Delhi, India

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Additional information
Project published on Aakar Design website as the finalist for the CLT Induction in India competition

Applicants and authors of the project
Young architects based in New Delhi, Dhruv Shah, and Sneha Dhanuka have prior experiences of working in internationally acclaimed architecture offices, which include Studio Lotus, New Delhi and MPN and Partners, Hanoi. Their key interest areas in architecture lie in radical concepts, and a sustainable approach for building systems.