Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
In the design of this building, a combination of traditional Iranian architecture and modern style has been used. The use of turquoise color is inspired by Iranian architecture, which visually gives a good view to the audience.
In the design of this building, apart from color, we have also used vegetation, which reduces air pollution and prevents it from entering the residential unit.
We are trying to use the green architecture of the buildings that we are designing to be compatible with the environment and cause less damage to the environment.

Kurdistan, Sanandaj, Iran

Project design year

Matin Moradi, graduated in architecture: «I live in Iran and have been working in the field of designing residential and commercial buildings for about 3 years. I am interested in modern style in design and I like to use Iranian culture and tradition in my designs.»

Status of the project
Under construction