Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The project is located on a sloped terrain covered with pine trees and interspersed with rock formations in the gated community of Dahr El Sawan. The design, inspired by our clients’ desire to maximize the outdoor terraces while preserving as many trees as possible, is conceived as a «tubular» volume running along the length of the site and hovering above an articulated set of landscape platforms. With its split levels that gently tackle the slope, the tube houses the private spaces along with the services. It is clad in vertical dark brown wood strips reminiscent of the bark of the surrounding pine trees.
A volume housing the reception areas sits neatly below one of the landscape platforms to the side of the “tube” and wraps around the preserved rock formations. The reception spaces are fully glazed with sliding bays giving on to the valley and the pool terrace below. The roof of this volume, flush with the road access level, offers the guests an unobstructed perspective upon arrival.

Dahr-El-Sawan, Lebanon

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
BLANKPAGE Architects
Founded in the year 2000, BLANKPAGE is a collaborative design studio of architects, urban designers and artists. Driven by the desire to produce architecture of high quality and craftsmanship, the studio’s goal is to start every project from a blank page, i.e. without preconception of form or style. The growing portfolio of projects tackles a variety of programs in the contexts of Lebanon, the Arab world, Africa and Europe.