Damavand Dacha

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Considering the lifestyle of this family, our first challenge in dealing with this project was to deal with a space that should be responsive to the client's guests as well as a space for meditation and study.
We tried to respond to this problem by creating a dome-shaped form and rhythm in the windows, as well as the use of color in the space, which appeared in the form of windows with colored glass, and then we divided the kitchen into two parts, the outer part due
to the connection with the outside space and continuity, we made it blue and the other part green

Damavand city, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

SHahrA SHir is not just an architectural studio, it is an atmosphere of various arts related to architecture and a team consisting of young and creative people, each expert in their field of activity.
Shahr A Shir was founded in 2014 by Shahram Shirmohammadi, in Tehran, and with a design approach based on innovation and unique and a meaningful combination of art and technique, it provides design services, consulting and implementation of architectural projects. that the implemented projects ar

Author of the project
Shahram Shir, Parinaz Charmdooz

Other participants
Photographer: Arezo Ghasemi

Status of the project