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About the project (provided by the applicant)
Datura is a pavilion designed based on biophilic values. Plants such as bamboo palm, darsena plant, pothos, spider plant, boxwood, and cissus have been used. The light emitted by AGC wildlife friendly lighting is almost invisible to animals. They cannot see the light. Using long-wavelength light of 560 nm or more, which appears amber or red, protects animals from straying and human health. These types of lamps do not disturb nocturnal animals.
The general process is that the water collects in the upper chamber and the water controller does not allow the water to flow from the top. The water is directed by the pipes inside the body, part of it is used to irrigate the plants and most of it flows towards the prepared ground reservoirs or waterways. Datura loves underground water! And so do the animals, the birds now have a swimming pool in the summer heat!
Datura's form is inspired by nature. From the twists and turns of nature, white trumpet and lastly and most importantly Datura flower!

Tehran, Iran

Project design year

Hamed Mahzoon is a Tehran-based designer born and raised in Iran. Creating a design for human societies has always fascinated him. Graduate of industrial design from IA University of Tehran, Hamed began his professional career designing for a RoDis studio and freelancing. And so far, he has received several international awards in the furniture design and lighting product categories. Hamed is a full member of AIBA, IAD, IBSP, ICCI, IDC, ISPM, and WDC.

Author of the project
Hamed Mahzoon, Tehran University of Art

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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