Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
DC House is located in Cieneguilla (Lima, Peru) with a 1100 m2 (11,840 sqf) land located on a steep slope. The project covers a 400 m2 (4,325 sqf) roofed area divided into three levels separated into two platforms; at street level, the parking area and complementary spaces; in the second platform, the social area; and on the upper level the bedroom area.
We proposed a set of volumes made up of the social volume in an elongated linear shape, crowned by a concrete beam supported by stone-veneered walls. Attached to this main volume we have the intimate transversal volume supported on its upper part that looks out through the terraces; the vertical volume of the staircase that joins them; and the horizontal volume of the pool that together with the terraces are integrated into the platforms that generate a rhythm with the concrete retaining walls in the gardens crossed by the entrance axis.
We used materials that have a timeless character such as exposed concrete, stone and wood.

El Refugio Condominium, Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
DULANTO + ESPINOSA SALDAÑA, architecture and construction office founded in 2020 in Lima, Peru.
We are a team dedicated to the design and construction of buildings with a global approach that considers the environment, the nature of the materials, the surroundings, the needs of the client and mainly the spatial quality.
Each project is an opportunity to create a unique work, governed by the identity of the user and the characteristics of the landscape where it is located.