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COVID 19 marks humanity with a before and after. It has shown us the vital importance of the natural world and the severity of its absence for our mental, emotional and physical health, that allows us to achieve the balance and wellbeing we need.
The pandemic has forced us to be locked up and it has been necessary to adapt our homes to new, real circumstances. Consequently, it has reaffirmed that technology is a tool of incalculable potential to connect us and make us reach common spaces, in the comfort of our homes.
From a deep analysis of the current situation and possible future scenarios, the proposal is born to reconstruct the memory of those natural spaces that cannot be accessed during these troubled times.
Déjà Vu, is a multi-sensory experience that allows us to connect with people in a shared virtual space, where we can travel to various natural spaces of the world during different times.


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Mariana Ramírez Palacio, student at the European Design Institute, Barcelona. Professional with creative capacity to transform physical spaces that seek to generate innovative experiences through emotion and stimulation of the senses. Bold when facing creative challenges, making proposals with logical and aesthetic sense at the same time.