4* Hotel at the corner of Dekabristov and Lermontovsky

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
A 6-storey 4* hotel is designed at the site of today’s consumer services center, located in the historical center of the city. The new building had to comply with the local spirit and the existing development, architectural traditions, as well as building regulations. and yet catch the eye of both citizens and tourists. A combination of black granite and white Yurassic stone with decorative pieces make the building austere and laconic. Extensive glazing at the ground floor, an atrium, recreation zones and shelters make the building light and dynamic. The flat roofing houses a restaurant with recreation zones, a cinema venue and a music playing site.


Lermontovsky 1/44, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Andrey Zima, 4th year student at St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering