Delhi City Museum

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
The program was to re-create the essence of Delhi into an old heritage building with primary focus on understanding of civil harmony between the communities in the city. The program redefined the space with multiple architectural additions like indoor courts and entrance foyer along with some museum curatorial elements like metro mockup and signature wall. The design takes a grey subtle approach with mix of British gothic and Indian vedic architecture.

New Delhi, India

Project design year

Studio AKAURU Design.
«Arc. Dushyant Joshi can be considered as a new emerging style curator with his brain child AKAURU DESIGN, which forefronts the traditional Indian ethos into a modern language of expression .With a modest team comprising of core associates and conglomerate we create dreams to become reality. A unique area of architecture where creating spaces for the public in the most efficient and beautiful ways is our goal with sustainability as backbone.»

Author of the project
Dushyant Joshi, Rakshita Gautam, Riya Trivedi

National Museum

Status of the project
Conceptual design