Derakhte Toot School

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Our solution was to divide the school into two floors: We turned the ground floor into a park for the village people to gather around, which always has a lower temperature than its surroundings on hot days, so that the residents of the village can use it for celebrations and ceremonies on hot days, and it may be a resort for people who have no place to have fun, that’s why there is no wall on the bottom floor so that people can easily access it, also this space is used as a schoolyard and a playground for children. We also placed a library on the lower floor so that the teenagers of the village can use it and the old books of the town are stored there. On the second floor, we designed classes that are organized around a central courtyard, this central courtyard leads to two slides that work with the park floor, in fact, here education and play come together in the same quality. We chose thatch as the primary material for the project's shell due to its abundance in the region.

Derakhte Toot village, Birjand, South Khorasan, Iran 

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Gelan Architects — Mohammad Kaafy, Mahtab Hasani.
Gelan Architects is a leading architecture firm based in, specializing in sustainable and contextually sensitive designs. Since our founding in 2018, we have worked tirelessly to develop creative solutions that balance functionality, beauty, and environmental responsibility. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who share a passion for creating timeless structures that enhance the built landscape without compromising the natural world.

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Gelan Architects

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Under construction