Desert Fractal

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About the project
The following concepts are the cornerstones of the project.
1) Skyscrapers (average height is 500 m), in the near future, will reach dimensions of mega-skyscraper (average height is 1000 m). This means that these megastructures cannot remain opaque volumes anymore.
2) Mega-skyscraper is a development in height of complex of buildings that incorporates in it landscape areas. Moreover, the sheer size of a mega-skyscraper may be used for a generation of alternative sources of energy such as a wind and solar.
3) All complexes constituents can be built based on a common shared structural scheme.
Incorporation of various power and functional systems in one complex allegedly will reduce their costs and allow a creation of autonomous system, which is independent of an external

Negev Desert, Israel 

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Applicant and author of the project
Arthur Goldyuk, architect, designer, owner of R2R Freelance Project.