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Dialogue Villa: Coexistence with nature.
The site of the project is located on a mountain slope, offering a breathtaking view. The question was: How to create a dialogue between architecture and the surrounding environment? To answer, while meeting the client’s needs, traditional construction methods and forces inherent to mountainous were employed.
In contrast to the neighbouring blocks, often disregarding the site’s topography, a building like a cascading staircase was designed that follows the slope. This design also creates expansive terraces, with panoramic views, and at times reveals rooftops, interconnected by the steps, as if are in a conversation.
To blur the boundary between artificial and organic spaces, instead of overhangs or functional enclosures, only slender columns were employed to bear the loads, as if nature itself embraced them.
The site invites guests to savour the journey. As they ascend, the building unfolds, revealing glimpses of serene scenery.

Migon, Iran

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Noron Office. 
Ali Rivandy started his professional activity in 1985 for 12 years in Hossein Mahmoudi and Associates architectural office, then founded his company in 1997 with the cooperation of his wife Marjan Najafian under the name of Ariel Studio. As the founder of Ariel Design Studio, he has designed a wide range of different projects in Iran and neighboring countries at different scales.

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Ali Rivandy

Naser Kohzadi

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