DJ Private Residence

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
DJ House is located on a hilly land that is dominated by oak trees clusters.
As a response to existing trees and obligatory building regulations, ground floor mass was embedded in the empty areas between the trees creating a hierarchy of indoor and outdoor spaces that embrace the circulation from entry to open views on the rear side.
The first floor mass with its cantilevered hovering corner created an incidental relationship between mass and landscape. The oak trees on different landscaped levels became soft anchors for the hovering mass.
The climax merge between indoor, outdoor, lower and upper spaces was celebrated at the heart of the house in a central double volume space where lounging, entertaining, dinning and cooking became in one open space.
The notion of carving was emphasized by having two textured materials; the rough vertically coursed stone, inspired from the texture and pattern of the oak tree bark, for the skin, while the carved surfaces cladded with honed finish stone.

Dabouq, Amman, Jordan

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Applicant and authors of the project
Ayoub Architects.
Design‐driven studio founded by Arch. Ramiz Ayoub in 2003. Each project is an opportunity to investigate contextual qualities and bring them into living environment. This is achieved by persistent explorations that provoke new and deeply rooted vocabulary in buildings and local architectural scenes.
AA Design methodology focuses on delivering high quality designs and on the design process itself that values contribution of all parties including owners, users and contractors.
Ayoub Architects Design Team: Ramiz Ayoub, Farah Smadi, Tala Dweikat, Zakieh Ababneh.

Other participants
Landscape Architect: Lara Zureikat
Structural consultant: ODEH DESIGN BUREAU
Mechanical & Electrical consultant: ACTIVE — ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS
Main Contractor: Midrar Contracting Co.
Electro-mechanical Contractor: EVC-Engineering values contracting