DO Xāné, DO Hayāt

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
From a poetic perspective, the building scheme could be imagined as having each floor be a separate house with its own courtyard. Hence, in the spatial layout of the building, unity of concept is achieved by having two houses, two courtyards.
The west courtyard is taken over by the house (floor) below. The upper house (floor) descends to the ground and envelops the east courtyard. 
The west courtyard is thought to be of a private nature since it is surrounded by a relatively tall wall, is next to a pathway, and has easy access to the kitchen, outdoor jacuzzi, and garage. In contrast, the east courtyard is open to the public and is fenced into the village.
The idea of having two courtyards — one enclosed (private) and the other open (public) — is rooted in the cultural values of the inhabitants of Iran central plateau, which have always been honored by Iranian clients.

Talesh, Hendehgaran, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Applicant and author of the project
Mona Afrazi

Other participants
CG Artist/Interior: Foroogh Seyyedi | CG Artist/Exterior: Mohsen Hamzelouie | Illustration-music: Ataollah Ghavipanjeh | Structure: Mashi Omidi | MEP: Iraj Larifi

Status of the project
Under construction