Forest for Fools

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Forest for Fools, the bird buffonery, as the authors call this genre, is part of the Forest project made by Boris Pavlovich. It is based on Vladimir Bibikhin’s philosophy.

 This will be a festive opening of the mythical shelter in the woods for those who need it.  Natalia Gubanova, author of the performance, wrote about it, ‘Two creatures devote themselves to the forest where everything is as it is. This is a mystical corridor of sylvan lore, which can only be accessed if you have bird’s legs.’

 Yana Zvezdochetova, another author of the play, said, ‘When I watch a bird, I recognize some of my human friends in it. But does a bird see its bird friends in me when it watches me?’


St. Petersburg, Russia

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Natalya Gubanova, director, actress, artist

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Natalya Gubanova, Platon Mavromatis, Yana Zvezdochetova

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