Landscaping at Peter’s Highlight Estate

Best Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
The estate is under construction on a picturesque shore of Petrine Island. Three blocks of 7 and 9 storeys will house 365 apartments.

A wide walking promenade will be arranged from Petrine Spit along all the residential blocks towards the embankment of Malaya Neva. Along the south harbor a recreation venue with leisure sites and bicycle parkings will be established, opposite the yacht club.
A central square with a sculpture, an amphitheater with boat and yacht ramps is designed between blocks A and B. A sightseeing platform covered with deck planking will be built opposite block B, and a tiled analemmatic sundial will be installed at the embankment.

Peaceful courtyards, closed off to vehicles, will contain green leisure sites.

Petrine Spit 7/2, St. Petersburg, Russia

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