Dubai Iconic Mosque

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The Urban Vantage Point Mosque is envisioned as a seamless transition between the built environment and nature with the mosque appearing to float effortlessly above the natural grade, but without obstructing the vantage axis. With framed views of both the Dubai Creek Tower and the Burj Khalifa the mosque becomes a most picturesque spot for both locals and tourists alike. The holiness of the mosque is showcased in both purity of form and the humble approach to materiality. The design strategy was driven by the axial condition between the Dubai Creek Tower tower and the Burj Khalifa, utilizing the Burj Khalifa as a drawing point towards the mosque, thus having the mosque at level with the green bridge (rather than above) utilizing the minarets as framing elements. A major design decision was utilizing the minarets as observation towers, much like the Dubai Creek Tower’s observational levels to showcase the local area at higher vantage while framing the two tallest towers in the world.

Dubai, UAE

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Drew Gilbert is Senior Architect at Croquis and Founder of DGD. Gilbert is an American award-winning architect, educator, and urbanist. Gilbert fuses technology with design to create unique and responsive solutions. From large masterplans to refined private villas, his recent accolades include the ME Consultant's Under 30 Champion Rising Star, Design ME Young Designer RU, a Finalist for the 2019 and 2020 World Architecture Festival, and the Young Architect of the year.

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EMAAR in Dubai, UAE