Dunka’s Fortune


Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

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Gleb Alexeyev wrote his novel in 1926. It tells about a peasant girl who wishes to live in a city and uses any chance to achieve her goal.

 The spirit of biomechanics is ensured by the general layout of the stage. Four chairs, a bench, a collage curtain feature the works by the Russian avant-garde artists. Mottos of the Red from the 1920s are displayed on the portal arch, yellow lamps outline the window openings, and the ramp runs along the perimeter of the forestage.

In the finale, the shero climbs up the pyramid of chairs and sits there as if on a throne made of other people’s lives, but her triumph doesn’t last long, as she finally falls down.


Petrozavodsk, the Republic of Karelia, Russia

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Natalya Kuznetsova , stage artist

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