E2 – Alamein Building & Landmark

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About the project
E2 – Alamein Building & Landmark is the first construction in IDG’s newest industrial park. The client’s main goal is to mark the location by a distinctive landmark and provide an administrative building for its team in a remote location.
The context was the main constraint and inspiration during the design process. Building in the vast empty desert led the design team to seek inspiration from the local flora and fauna and create a new spatial experience and forms.
The building is designed as a series of modular blocks arranged in a linear plan to maximize shade as inspired by cacti ribbed cross section. The blocks are elevated and give the impression of floating on the hot desert sand.
As for the landmark; the morphology was developed to mimic the curves of a sand dune protecting the building. Visible and distinctive, the white columns are becoming a milestone on the new high way.

New City of Alamein – Industrial Zone – E2 Alamein by IDG (Industrial Development Group), Egypt

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Applicant and authors of the project
Laila Badawi – Grids.
Grids is an architecture and interior design office based in Cairo, Egypt. Founded and led by Laila Badawi since 2017, the office has been responsible for the design and supervision of multiple projects in different sectors. Badawi is an architect graduated in 2007 and obtained her master’s degree in building technology in 2010. She has been involved in teaching, public speaking and design; this project is a preliminary application of her vision that architecture should learn from nature.
Grids Team: Alaa Ibrahim, Project Architect – Iman Saleh, Project Manager.

Other participants
Client: IDG – Industrial Development Group
Photographers: Mohamed Gamil – Youssif Mohamed