Earthquake: Threat or Blessing

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
This project is a rethinking of post-earthquake temporary housing design in Lar city and its revitalization as an ecotourism housing. The design was made to be module based. Since it was not possible to create a design for all housings, we created a campsite.
Due to the indigenous architecture of this temporary housing, after the end of settlement period, it’s possible to become an ecotourism housing in the courtyards of residential houses and ecotourism hotel in camp sites.
With the development of the tourism industry, it can create economic prosperity both on a family scale and on an urban scale.

Lar City, Iran

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Additional information
This project is the winner of the world architectural award 33rd cycle and won 2nd Place (student Category) & Honorable Mention, Radical Innovation Award, NYK/USA.

Applicant and author of the project

Sajjad Navidi, graduate of Khatam University, Tehran, Iran.