Edifício Casa Pium-í

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
With the aim of creating through architectural space a building that surprises observers, passers-by and users, unique in its conceptual, aesthetic, landscape and real estate essence, the Edifício Casa Pium-í appears.

A living building, with exuberant architecture, capable of enhancing the powerful characteristics of Rua Pium-í and the region, proposing a modern, flexible and welcoming lifestyle.

To achieve this, we developed an apartment building and a commercial center with a large square, with generous, versatile and intimate spaces, natural and timeless materiality, exploring the incredible relationship between simple and sophisticated. Areas are arranged with massive landscaping, creating an urban oasis.

A building that promotes what is most important: life in its fullest state.

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Project design year

Project website

Estúdio Zargos, team of architects from Belo Horizonte, created in 2012, which works on developing architectural projects. The creation of projects is conceptualized with a methodology of analysis and investigation of social, environmental and economic parameters, high flexibility and adaptability, without compromising their beliefs and values.

Author of the project
Architecture: Zargos Rodrigues, Frederico Rodrigues, Stephanie Cabral, Pedro Martins, Igor Martins, Bernardo Horta, Laís Parreiras, Nathalia Melo

Ânima Signature

Other participants
Construction company: Ânima Signature
Structure: Rubens Morato
Building installations: Proerg Engenharia e Projetos Ltda
Interior Designer: Estúdio Sala
Images 3D: Studio Doisdois

Status of the project
Working drawings