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About the project (provided by the applicant)
Nature, wildlife, vitality and inherent vitality and most importantly the protection and conservation of wildlife, which is the most important mission of the safari park, has been the most important source of inspiration in the design of the entrance, on the other hand we have never sought to create form because We believe that the nature of building a rigid structure that disrupts vision is in conflict with the preservation of the environment and the subtle nature of nature. 
Qazvin Safari Park with its topography and beautiful view, is the jewel of tourism in Qazvin. This project is a proposal for the entrance of this complex (Safari Park) in which it has been tried to have a structure in harmony with nature to always be the headline of the design.

Qazvin, Iran

Project design year

Vahid Sadreifar

Author of the project
Vahid Sadraifar

Other participants
Somayeh Bahrsmi, Hamid Reza Rahmani, Mahboubeh Shakeri, Mohammad Ali Eskandari

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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