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In the heights of the eastern Andean mountain range, an ancient narrative originates that presents two native figures: Fura (woman) and Tena (man). In this story, it tells how these beings broke a promise of infidelity, which triggered the legend of Fura's tears, which were transformed into emeralds. From this ancestral narrative, an extraordinary architectural work is erected as a tribute to this precious gem, recognized as one of the most desirable gems in the world.
The structure of this building, inspired by the shapes of the emerald, is distinguished by a fragmented geometry, composed of irregular membranes, generating an atmosphere of elegance and aesthetic coherence. The slope of the roof has been designed to collect rainwater for later reuse, while the installation of solar panels guarantees energy autonomy, making it self-sufficient.
The strategically located wildlife viewpoints offer panoramic views that enhance the beauty of the surroundings, promoting ecological tourism.

Boyaca, Colombia

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Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas, professional architect, expert in three-dimensional visualization, architectural and interior design.

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Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas

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Conceptual design

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