Eram residential tower

Best Project of Residential Estate

About the project
One of the principles of modern urbanization of large and populated cities that are struggling with problems such as lack of space and air pollution is the creation of green spaces in useless spaces. In this design, due to the proximity of our site in Tehran, which has a compact residential texture and lack of land for the development of green spaces ,Our decision was to implement the public green space in the unused space, i.e. façade, in addition to influencing the landscape and beauty that contributes to the physical and mental health of the residents of the building, to provide the green spaces of the neighborhood and the area and play a role in reducing tehran air pollution in line with the sustainable development goals.

Tehran, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Alireza Karimi Kolor, born December 21, 1989, is a PhD researcher in architecture. He entered the world of architecture in 2008 and during these years, he has worked with famous companies and architects and gained professional experience. In 2019, he established his office called Mirage Architecture and Research Studio and started his work independently.
Principal adviser: Banashahr Consulting Engineers.
Principal Architect: Alireza Karimi Kolor.
Design Associate: Masoumeh Hajiaghaei, Ali Baghizadeh, Aramdokhte Jabari, Mohammad Ghorbani, Maryam Karimi.
Pre Design Studies: Isa Zokaei, Elham Ramezanpour.
Structure: Farnam Builders company.
Mechanical: Afshin Halimi.