Ethereal Art Hotel

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Ethereal (adj.) /ɪˈθɪərɪəl/ of or relating to the regions beyond the earth, lacking material substance, suggesting the heavens.
The Ethereal Art Hotel is a gateway designed for artists to perform a silent escape. A place of salvation from the world that connects them to somewhere outside this planet. It’s a hotel from dawn to dusk, and the portal opens at dusk when northern lights appear in the sky. So, during the nights of Lapland, the artists will seek an inspiring atmosphere to create art pieces from the deepest domains of their soul and emotions. The art hotel is placed in Rovaniemi, Finland, where there’s no defined boundary between reality and fairyland.

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

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Applicant and authors of the project
Sarah Mirzaei Design Studio, architects Sarah Mirzaei, Ali Pourahmad, Samira Asadmosaffar.
Sarah Mirzaei is a distinguished architect, designer, and painter born in Urmia, Iran. She has been awarded her bachelor’s in architecture from Tabriz University and her master’s from Tabriz Islamic Art University. She has held numerous exhibitions in Iran and Turkey and founded her own design studio in 2021.
Ali Pourahmad is a Ph.D. candidate in architecture at Tabriz Islamic Art University working on the fields of interrelations between architecture and media. He's an invited lecturer at Tabriz Islamic Art University and the University of Guilan since 2019.
Samira Asadmosaffar completed her undergraduate education at Tabriz Islamic Art University. She is currently conducting her study in M.Arch. Program at the Middle East Technical University in Turkey.