Evgeny Khaldey. The epoch in shots. State Museum of History


Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project

This is a large-scale retrospective of the photographer’s career. Mr. Khaldey is known for his legendary shot — Banner of Victory Over Reichstag, as well as his photo essays from the Potsdam Conference, the Nuremberg Trial, and the Victory Parade.

Three sections of the exhibition tell about the beginning of his career, his work during the war,  and his achievements after the war, in the times of piece.

About 400 works by Evgeny Khaldey are exhibited in the Museum of History, some of them quite famous, and some of them having seen the light for the first time ever.


Moscow, Russia

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Metapole, art design studio

Authors of the project

Anastasia Dorozhkina from Metapole, Irina Losik from Descendants of the Winners, Descendants of the Winners Foundation, Dina Ivashchenko from ROSIZO, ROSIZO

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