Fazenda Lajinha

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At our office, we strive to infuse each project with a strong, meaningful concept. Fazenda Lajinha embodies this philosophy, drawing inspiration from the essence of family. The client sought a space on their farm that would serve as a gathering place, and we responded with a circular house that opens to the landscape while embracing a central core for family interactions. This design symbolizes both connection with nature and a sanctuary for creating cherished memories.
The circular floor plan provides diverse views of the surroundings, including the pasture, orchard, and lake. The roof, with its expansive eaves, is designed to shield the house from harsh sunlight. Strategically inclined to the west, it enhances protection while allowing morning sunlight to enter through carefully positioned openings.
Inside, the spacious atrium encourages interaction and communal living, while the clear separation of social and private areas ensures harmony and privacy.


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Dhar Arquitetura
Our office emphasizes a strong concept in every project. Inspired by the essence of family, Fazenda Lajinha is a circular house designed as a place for gathering and reflection. The structure opens to the landscape, symbolizing connection with nature, while the internal atrium fosters intimate family moments. This design harmonizes communal and private spaces, creating a sanctuary for meaningful experiences.

Authors of the project
Luisa Lage, Victor Carvalho, Ana Carolina Lins

Paulo Guerra Lage

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