Fiora Villa

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This project is located in Isfahan, Iran.
This project was referred to our office for design in 2021, and issues such as privacy protection were among the important points for the employer of this project.
The central core of this project is dedicated to sports and recreational activities, and due to the privacy of the project and respect for the client's opinion, it is located below the ground level.
The project land was designed according to the surrounding context, which is often built, so that all the focus is on the interior space and the central courtyard.
Since it was not possible to gather many activities in the open space, it was decided to focus the maximum impact on the audience on the volume of the building.
The use of white cement materials and black metal bodies gives this project a different structure in terms of volume and color.

Esfahan / Golpayegan, Iran

Project design year

Ali Naseri, a graduate of architecture in Mashhad, Iran: «In 2022, I won the Loop Architecture Award in Portugal, and in 2021, I won the Golden Trezzini Diploma of Honor with the Green Cube Villa project and the Eden residential building. I am a member of the jury team of the Inspireli student competition and the managing director of Avat Architecture Office. I have been working professionally in the field of architecture for about 15 years.»

Authors of the project
Avat architectural office

Status of the project
Conceptual design