FITT headquarter

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Finalist mention in FITT future headquarter competition: youngarchitectscompetitions-2021
Main question: How can employee productivity and satisfaction be increased through architecture?
Solution: create a flexible space by merging working space via entertainment area.
Main idea: merging the formal and informal working spaces via entertainment areas is possible through a flexible super block. In this way, each person's working area is not just behind his desk, but the whole project can be used via multiple patterns.
This is a new definition of working style which allows employees to choose between formal/informal working areas and recreational areas through a spatial hierarchy. This choice is made according to the types of employees' personalities and their working spirits.
Thus, there are more formal working spaces on the first floor, and border less informal work and play areas are located on the ground floor.

Vichenza, Italy

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
FOR architecture office, studio of architecture & design founded by Razieh Shoaee & Mohsen Rezaie.
— First place winner of school of thought competition, Toronto, Canada — UNI-2020,
— Finalist mention in FITT future headquarter competition, Italy, Vichenza — young architects competitions 2021,
— Finalist mention in cultural complex design competition, Iran, Hamedan — Hamadan municipality — 2018,
— Third place winner in the Iranian Helal official building — Iran, Tehran — Iranian Helal company — 2017.