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About the project
As is the field, so is the seed; and as are the flowers, so are the colors; and as is the creator, so is the creation; and as the farmer, so is the threshing floor» — Bible.
The project of multifunctional guest house for a peaceful vacation reinterprets traditional Portuguese round houses as a best solution for the context. The main idea was to make a streamlined structure similar to the olive shape, integrated into the natural terrain. In order to optimize the building costs project corresponds to the landscape elevations and becoming a united part of the surrounding.
One of the crucial features of the concept is that the building is oriented with maintenance spaces to the road and the hottest southern side. Due to this bedrooms and tasting room stay cool and have the best view. Ecological materials make this project sustainable and breathing. Thatched roofs were created because of their ability to be natural thermostat. Red clay bricks were considered as the main material.

Serra d’Aire e Candeeiros region, Portugal

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Applicants and authors of the project
Viktoria Ivanova & Mark Kroese.
Mark Kroese is an engineer, gained his architectural engineering degree at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, established his own design company DVRE in the Netherlands, in 2021.
Viktoria Ivanova is an architect, finished her education program at St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, worked in different international architectural studios.

Status of the project
Conceptual design