Forcibly Displaced Camp Center

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About the project
Our task is to find a reasonable way to survive inside its boundaries. a sensible use of our natural resources, a heart to protect the common goods and a guidance of new achievements in science and technology: theses will be the tools, that guides us into a sustainable century.
The project is intended to define a new understanding for the stereotypical “REFUGEE / FORCIBLY DISPLACED CAMPS” of today.
As we venture into the future, the human kind faces catastrophic disasters like floods/hurricanes/earthquakes/heavy climate conditions. Aside from the natural causes we also face wars and generations after generations are born into theses crises without any knowledge or at least fair education and awareness about the outside world and what the future beholds. This Project is the first stepping stone into a new understanding of refugee camps. It is a long-term self-sustaining facility with all features needed for a community to live a fair productive life and also to give back to the host.

Famagusta, Cyprus

Project design year

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Additional information
I have received a nomination to represent the university and Cyprus to represent the University in the ARCHIPRIX completion. I was also awarded a certificate of creative designs for this project and an excellence as a graduation grade.
this project is also used as part of my current masters studies to define sustainability.
The graduation project was designed to highlight an important topic «forcibly Displaced people» an issue that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees targets.

Applicant and author of the project
Mostafa Fathy Elshanawany.
24, Architect & Abstract expressionism Artist, now a masters student who finds a way to connect both architecture and art. Specialize in the Conceptual and development stage of Architectural Designs & Projects rendering visualization. My passion for improving lives pushed me to learn various skills that are all very useful on their own but when used together result in outcomes that are larger than the sum of their parts.

Other participants
As the United Nations has a strong base in Cyprus Segregating both the north and the south and maintaining peace on the island, the Eastern Mediterranean University suggested this topic to be proposed to the UN (United Nations) & UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) as the works of 4th year students of architecture and solutions for the future of forcibly displaced people.