Forest Housing

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About the project
The inspiration for this project came from the location itself. Through the use of greenery, the building is intended to coexist in harmony with the nearby forest. This building tends to adapt to nature as much as possible. The design of the wood module started from the modular housing grid (N x 60cm), from which the cube shapes were created. The corners of the cube have been removed to create space for balconies, where windows are placed. This allows the module to be placed in buildings such as rowhouses, skyscrapers, atrium houses, etc. First, the timber skeleton is built and then the modules are placed in it, to create the «Forest Housing».
Wood construction is the gold standard of construction methods, gives high quality, reduces overall construction costs, and shortens the construction program. As technology improves, the wooden frame is improving. The way our homes are designed and built, impacts our health and comfort, and can make us healthier and happier.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Genc Blakaj, 27 years old from Kosovo: «I have a master's degree in Architecture from the University of Pristina. During these first years of my professional career, I have been involved in many types of architectural projects and have been awarded in several international competitions.»
Project by Genc Blakaj, Arjana Suka

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Conceptual design

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