Forum City

Best Implemented Landscaping and Green Beautification Project

About the project
This is a multifunctional complex of 9 independent buildings plus a market space. The landscape connects the residential premises with the amenities with due regard to requirements of all the groups of residents. The yard is divided into two levels, following the natural level drop.

There are playgrounds, recreation zones with hammock chairs and benches, sites for socializing, and sports grounds. The yards smother in verdure of lindens, birches, pines, maples, apple trees and bird cherries. Dense rows of flowers and shrubs make you feel as if in a magical garden. Roses, hydrangeas, and mountain pines offer a fresh-aired shelter from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Project implementation year

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Applicants and authors of the project
S&P Architektura Krajobrazu S.p. z o.o., S&P Landscape Architecture