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Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
This project was designed in 3 blocks and 8 floors. Each block has 7 floors of 10 units and one floor of 6 units (pent house).
Three blocks in total include 300 parking spaces and storage for the number of units.
The commons project includes a coffee shop, club, swimming pool, library, kindergarten, meeting hall and doctor’s room.
The main view and the best lighting of the blocks is on the west side of the project, where the pedestrian entrances are also located on the same side.

Tehran-Pardis, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Ala Design Company.
Alagroup is a group consisting of architects, designers, urban planners, landscape specialists and interior designers. This office currently participates in a number of architectural projects in Tehran, product design and architectural competitions around the world. Alagroup is divided into two branches, Aladesign and Alahome. In the field of architecture, Aladeisgn tries to change, evolve and improve contemporary life with careful analysis.
Project by Ali Lavasani

Status of the project
Conceptual design