GAIA hotel

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The project is aimed to be developed in the heart of the intrinsic destination of Tulum, a city that receives each year thousands of travelers from all around the world. In MEM Arquitectos we believe that a building should embody and manifest through its features the essence of its users; being this the reason why we were inspired to make of GAIA a design stands for the personality of all those sightseers that arrive to Tulum in search of an exotic, and exclusive experience at the Riviera Maya. With an eccentric, yet rhythmic and artistic facade, GAIA achieves to portray in a single glance the aesthetic of what “Tulum vibes'' mean.

Tulum, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
MEM Arquitectos
Mexican based firm, whose motto is based on the quote of the famous architect Mies Van der Rohe , “Less is more” (for its acronym in Spanish “menos es más”). The nature of MEM Arquitectos designs goes under the prompt of maximizing the usage of space, clean facades and chromatics that inspire you become one with the building, thanks to the notable devotion to the nature of materials.