Gallery House

Best Implemented Restoration / Reconstruction Project

About the project
Gallery House is an encounter between a family house, a small hotel, and an art gallery. An old house was bought by winery owners with the aim of reforming it to accommodate the growing number of visitors, but also to be used throughout the family.
The project proposes a clear division of the house by means of a cross in plan & section, which opens four huge windows in each of the facades, putting it in close contact with the picturesque landscape. These spaces are cladded with cor-ten steel plates, an identifying material of the family’s winery, omnipresent in the sculptures that Josep Guinovart, a renowned artist, made throughout his life for the winery. The steel, cold and not a domestic material, represents the exhibition spaces, housed in this cross. Around, the domestic spaces are deployed, with a completely opposite materiality.

La Pobla de Ciervoles, Lérida, Spain

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Raul Sanchez Architects.
Award winning architecture and design practice based in Barcelona. Raúl Sánchez is a graduated architect from the architecture school in Granada, Spain. Since 2005, he resides and works in Barcelona developing a professional activity which escapes specialization in order to cover all types of work and projects related to architecture, interiorism, urbanism, and design. Regardless of the type, scale, location or budget, every new work is a new challenge.

Other participants
Collaborators, architecture: Sainza Hervella, Miriam Corcuera, Valentina Barberio, Albert Montilla
Engineering: Marés Ingenieros
Structure: Diagonal Estructuras
Photo: José Hevia
Video: Northernfeel