Dark Days. Muhajirun play based on the dilogy novel by Makhmud Galyau

Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

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The decorations were designed by Sergey Skohorohov, a people’s artist in Tatarstan and a recognized artist in Russia. He invented a laconic and symbolic structure made of three moving galleries, all of them painted red and black, representing a symbol of an extinguished fire of life. Galleries are used as a village and a central square, as well as a ship dragged across the sea during the storm. Chests stored within the galleries work as a mosque, barns, and as bazaar stalls.  The artist uses regular and simple materials and items to create a comprehensive image of the universe where people live.

Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

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Tatar State Academic Theater named after Galiasgar Kamal

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