A garden on the edge of the Ebro

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
The magnificence of the site to intervene, exalted by the Ebro, led us to think that the best decision to face this challenge is to find or create within the coastal walk, a place in which the senses can calm down. Distance yourself for a moment from the irrepressible horizontality, the reflections, the colors, the open sky so that when you meet them again the exaltation is even greater.
For this, below and between the trees, four white planes of laminated wood are arranged, a neutral space where the distant horizon becomes near, the horizontality in verticality and the shadows mix with the foliage and the litter. A nearby sky defined by the branches of the trees make up a place for silence.

Logroño, Spain

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Applicant and authors of the project
Castellani Losada Arquitecture (lCarq), Argentinian architecture studio dedicated to the development of private commissions and national and international architecture competitions.