Eclipse Garden

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
This exhibition garden of 20 m² is a kind of an illustration to the Japanese myth about Amaterasu, the Goddess of the Sun, who hid herself in a cave and made the world go dark. Like always in the Japanese culture, everything is symbolic in the Eclipse Garden. Here, the visitors find themselves at a seashore and watch the solar eclipse, while fog curls above the water surface. Only natural materials and state-of-the-art technologies were used in the project. The seashore is made of clinker brick, the benches — of charred wood, the rock — from shungite boulders and whortleberry, the sea — from turfy hair grass. The Moon is represented by a panel made of fired oak. The Skies are designed as a wall covered with decorative plaster.

Tsaritsino Museum Reserve, Russia

Project implementation year

LATIFUNDIA, landscaping design studio

Author of the project
Yulia Nechayeva

Project status