Geoje City Library New Design Competition

Best Design Project for Library

About the project
Community – the acknowledgement, the celebration, and the definition of the collective peoples of Jangseungpo – is at the core thought of Geoje City Library’s new design. What is a good library, one that can only exist because of and for this place? Of course the architecture will elegantly meet the functional requirements of preserving records and perpetuating knowledge. But more importantly, the new Geoje City Library will balance the communal and the private spatial experiences in order to articulate and redefine Jangseunpo’s community. Space is diversified to contain and diffuse varying grades of sound, movement, visibility, air, light. The physical library constantly seeks to contain the immaterial time and memories of the individuals, who utilize and curate the different spaces within the library in their respective daily routines. The layering and collection of these individual experiences will pool to create a library fit for and defined by the community it so closely serves.

Jangseungpo Harbor, Geoje Island, Republic of Korea

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Applicant and authors of the project
Informed Architecture PLLC.
Architectural practice that designs and produces bespoke built environments of varying scales and programs. As a contemporary practice, Informed Works designs projects with strong theoretical roots combined with computational design. The firm closely inquiries into optimal responses to a posed question and aims to produce a seamless built space that goes beyond the functional and physical to capture the immaterial and articulate a new layer of thought.