Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex

Best Architectural Design for Museum

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This hybrid structure project aims to integrate a library, museum, and multi-purpose hall to enrich public life and blur boundaries between programs. The sculptural silhouette of the building takes inspiration from the two hills descending towards the site, and features high galleries, intersecting geometries, and interior gardens to blend functions seamlessly. Exhibition areas are kept open, with limitless possibilities for galleries at different heights. The upper floors host the library facing the pond, and the natural light reflects on it in the evening. The design creates a new typology of a library and museum structure that exists harmoniously with nature and urban life while enriching public life.

Geomdan, Korea

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Applicant and authors of the project
KAAT ARCHITECTURE + URBAN is a dynamic firm that approaches every project with a commitment to functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. They use cutting-edge technology and sustainable design principles to create innovative and collaborative solutions for small-scale installations to large-scale urban development projects. The firm has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Europe40under40 Award, and is committed to continuing to push the boundaries of design.
Project by Sacit Arda Karaatli (KAAT), Lebriz Atan Karaatli (KAAT)

Incheon Housing and City Development Corp.

Status of the project
Conceptual design