Geriatric Complex

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
The project is located in Fier, Albania alongside the river 'Gjanica'. There are no elderly care facilities in the region.
The campus offers different typologies for elderly care such as:
— Nursing Home — residents are provided with 24 hour care.
— Assisted Living — provides specific design facilities for alzheimer's patients and physically disabled people.
— Independent Living — this unit offers different shared rooms in terms of 'co-living', residents can help each other with daily activities,
— Community center for the elderly — this unit provides different public and semi-private activities to integrate elderly within the community.

Fier, Albania

Project created in

Applicant and author of the project
Kimet Borici, graduated with Ms. in 'Architecture and Urban Design'. «My passion for architecture is growing as I am growing professionally».