Green Wings — Adaptive Reuse of an Abandoned Stadium into an Urban Park with a Cultural Hub

Best Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
Antakya Atatürk Stadium, which was built in 1950 and has a current capacity of 6150 people, was closed due to the failure of meeting the current needs and a new stadium was planned to be built in the city periphery. In line with the development of the city over the years, it is aimed to transform the old stadium as a city park due to the intense construction around it.
A design approach was introduced by ONZ Architects to preserve the collective memory and to unveil the cultural potential of the city for this very specific site which has historical and cultural importance for the city.
With the “Green Wings” design, ONZ Architects aim to transform the abandoned stadium into an urban park with a cultural hub, to increase the cultural activities in the city and to strengthen the connection between the city and its users.
The main goal of the design can be summarized as to leave the whole area green and to isolate this green park from the dense built environment.

Hatay, Turkey

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Applicant and authors of the project
ONZ Architects.
Young innovative office, founded in 2007, based in Ankara-Turkey. As a multidisciplinary office, we create projects in various scales; from architecture to town planning and urban design. We believe that no architectural implementation is possible detached from its context. Our transdisciplinary network increases our capability to enter complex conditions and move our understanding beyond the limits of geographical borders.
Design Team: Onat Öktem, Zeynep Öktem
Project Team: İpek Erol, Figen Yücel, Esat Can Meker, Okan Mutlu Okpınar, Hüseyin Kezer — Besmir Kamberi