Haus M

Best Constructed Private Residence

About the project
The site with significant vertical drop was used in 1980s to build a silicate brick house, and the new villa, standing at a high end of the site had to get along with its aged neighbor. To highlight the connection of two rivaling buildings the authors used a similar layout – sophisticated and polygonal, and a green pergola, which became the main entrance.
The architect used wood for interior and outer finishing, thus bringing the new building’s self-sufficiency into the spotlight. Specially treated grey larch planks perfectly contrast on the graceless yellowish bricks of the old house. Another contrast is the flat roof of the new villa, so very different from the hoary V-shaped tiled top.

Möhlin, Argau, Switzerland

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Заявитель и авторы проекта:
Jan Skuratowski Architektur, architectural studio