Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
Haven is a floating public space in one of the canal of Hammerbrook, Hamburg. Hamburg is known for its rivers and canals running through the city, surrounded by rustic warehouse buildings. Despite the usage of the trading route years before, it is now underused. Therefore, the public space is to rejuvenate the canal by providing meeting spaces for the locals. Haven is created with an eye-catching connection and structure with nature elements that contrasts with the surroundings to attract passerby to visit the space. The design concept consists of stilts elements in the design inspired by the stems of water plants. A transition space through three different heights is created that provokes a change of mood, providing different atmospheres and views.

Hamburg, Germany

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Chen Yi Teo
«My name is Chen Yi Teo and I am from Malaysia. I am currently in my final year of pursuing a two years master's program in Architecture in Germany. Before studying in Germany, I have completed my Bachelor degree in Architecture in Malaysia and did an internship. After that, I have been working at a local developer company in my home country for two years as a junior executive of design management department. Besides architecture, I am also passionate in graphic designs and sketching.»