Heart Spiritual Retreat

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About the project
The fascinating work exhibits a right façade that symbolizes the cycle of pulmonary ventilation. The pulmonary valve forces oxygenated air into the pulmonary artery and lungs, then it is renewed as it is oxygenated inside, closing the cycle by returning to the individual through the pulmonary veins located in the cover. The inspiration for this creation it comes from the organic configuration of the heart, taking advantage of the only way to function as a living entity that provides ventilation and lighting in a natural way. Dedicated to doctors and healthcare workers around the world, this monumental work of art pays tribute to their tireless work during the difficult times of Covid. With its magnificent depiction of life and vitality, the sculpture celebrates the bravery and dedication of those who will rise to unprecedented challenges in the quest to save lives and protect humanity.


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Applicant and author of the project
Jorge Luis Veliz Quintana, architect and interior designer: «My main activity is directed to the field of architectural design, interior design and 3D visualization, we work professionally with architecture and simulation software applied to the Metaverse.»

Status of the project
Conceptual design