High Loop

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A proposal for the renovation of Puji Road pedestrian bridge in Shanghai, the iconic bridge over the Suzhou Creek that connects the districts of Zhabei & Jing’an.
Our proposal aims to transform the bridge into an eventful elevated park as urban landmark, crossing the city offering a unique urban journey.
The design organizes the different circulations by colors, creating a hierarchy of different rhythms & paces. While a straight lane in electric lime defines the fast track for bicycles & motorbikes, a winding path in viscous magenta slows down the pedestrian circulation.
As background color, a soothing cyan blue defines the spaces to stop & stay, spaces to socialize, meet & gather. From viewing decks to picnic plazas, lounge areas or mini amphitheaters, all the contrasting yellow urban furniture & social functions are located here, allowing the loop to wind around them, encouraging the appearance of those pockets.

Puji Bridge, Suzhou Creek, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China

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Applicant and authors of the project
100 Architects (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
100 architects was born with a mission: improving cities & the experience of citizens in the public realm, by providing high-quality, innovative & stimulating public spaces.
Our studio doesn’t do buildings (at least not in the conventional way). Through our experimental design approach, we aim to transform the cityscape we know today into the hyper-stimulating one we envision tomorrow.
100 is an experimental lab for creative urban solutions, driven by the passion of shaping the future cities.