Best Architectural Design for a Museum

About the project
We imagine the new museum to be beyond its conventional purpose of serving communities. For us, it is more about how we can create ideas to bring public‘s involvement from in and out of the space. As the existing museum building separates the museum from Hancock Park and museum buildings (May Co.building, Broad Contemporary Museum and Resnick Pavilion), we intend the new museum to connect them through unique architectural elements.
Therefore, our imagination sparks with the idea “WHAT IF WE CREATE AN ARTIFICIAL HILL FOR PEOPLE TO CLIMB”. The space created through it can be used thoroughly for communities. Its interior space of the hill shall be used for restaurants, museum shops, art library and special exhibition; whilst the exterior for climbing exercise, sightseeing, rooftop cafeteria, and various other personal or public purposes upon their needs.

Los Angeles, United States

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Applicant and authors of the project
TheeAe Limited. ‘TheeAe’ is abbreviation of ‘The Evolved Architectural Eclectic’. The name means our effort and dedication toward contextual beauties through place, history and culture of surroundings. We pursue re-searching and re-defining elements that have been embedded or unseen so as to define the beauty of the architecture through design driven by context, evolved from rational notions and led toward unexpected discovery of nature.